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Photo­ca­ta­ly­sis and Transi­tion-Metal-Cataly­zed Reactions of Furane-Derivatives

Daniel Eppel – Hector Fellow A. Stephen K. Hashmi

Die fossi­len Ressour­cen gehen immer weiter zur Neige. Diese müssen schnellst­mög­lich durch erneu­er­bare Rohstoffe ersetzt werden. Deshalb ist das Ziel dieses Promo­ti­ons­vor­ha­bens, unter der Leitung von Hector Fellow A. Stephen K. Hashmi, die ratio­nale Entwick­lung mehre­rer nachhal­ti­ger, abfall­mi­ni­mier­ter und umwelt­freund­li­cher Metho­den zur Umset­zung von Furan-Deriva­ten mit Olefi­nen in [4+2]-Cycloadditionen, photo­ka­ta­ly­sierte Reaktio­nen von Furan-Deriva­ten mit Diazo­ni­um­sal­zen sowie neuar­tige Murai-Reaktionen.

Fossil resour­ces are incre­asingly deple­ted. They have to be repla­ced as quickly as possi­ble by renewa­ble raw materi­als, so that a slow transi­tion to a new and modern produc­tion of „platform chemi­cals“ can take place.

The project super­vi­sed by Hector Fellow A. Stephen K. Hashmi aims on the ratio­nal develo­p­ment of sustainable, waste-minimi­zed and environ­men­tally friendly conver­si­ons of furan-deriva­ti­ves with olefins. Reaction condi­ti­ons have to be found, which favor the [4+2]-cycloaddition of the start­ing materi­als to the respec­tive 7‑oxanobornene derivatives.

Based on previous work in the Hashmi group with diazo­nium salts, the conver­sion of furan deriva­ti­ves are inves­ti­ga­ted. In this case gold-cataly­zed photo­re­ac­tions achieve activa­tion and induce a new bond forma­tion. Further­more, reaction condi­ti­ons have to be found which enable Murai reactions with yet unreac­tive furfu­ral or furan deriva­ti­ves at their C3-positi­ons. This reaction type has so far only been carried out with ketones as a direc­ting group. In the course of this Ph.D. project, it will be inves­ti­ga­ted whether aldehydes or even other functional groups are capable of C‑C bond forma­tion at the C3 position. With these reactions, in addition with some further ideas, chemi­cals derived from non-nutri­tio­nally relevant raw materi­als can be used to create value. With the help of atom-econo­mical and with regard to the princi­ples of „green chemis­try“ fulfil­ling synthe­ses, building blocks for natural or medicinal products are to be developed.

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Daniel Eppel

Univer­si­tät Heidelberg

Betreut durch

Prof. Dr.

A. Stephen K. Hashmi


Hector Fellow seit 2010Disziplinen A. Stephen K. Hashmi