Creat­ing the Future
Presi­den­tial Committee 

Presi­den­tial Committee

The presi­den­tial commit­tee repre­sents the members of the Hector Fellow Academy and leads the thematic and scien­tific work of the HFA. The members of the presi­den­tial commit­tee are elected by the members of the HFA at the annual general meeting for 3 years. A re-election is possi­ble. Since Septem­ber 15, 2022, Eva Grebel is presi­dent of the Hector Fellow Academy.

Current Presi­den­tial Committee

Prof. Dr.

Brigitte Röder

Psychol­ogy & Medicine

since 2022 member of Presi­den­tial Committee

Prof. Dr.

Eva Grebel


since 2017 member of Presi­den­tial Committee

Prof. Dr.

Peter Hegemann

Biology, Chemistry & Medicine

since 2021 member of Presi­den­tial Committee