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Scien­tific publi­ca­tions from many disciplines

The research results of our young scien­tists are regularly published in inter­na­tion­ally renowned journals. The follow­ing list contains the publi­ca­tions of the Hector Fellows, Hector RCD Awardees, and Young Scientists:



  • G. Ciccone, J. P. Weber, I. Meloni, H. Kleemann, K. Leo, C. Murawski: Multi­plexed Optoge­net­ics with Striped Organic LEDs. Adv. Optical Mater, 2301340, (2023)
  • M. Dax, S.R. Green, J. Gair, M. Pürrer, J. Wildberger, J.H. Macke, A. Buonanno and B. Schölkopf: Neural Impor­tance Sampling for Rapid and Reliable Gravi­ta­tional-Wave Infer­ence, Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 171403, (2023)
  • A. Müller, T. van Hateren, H. Jongen, H. Al-zawaidah, J. Beemster, et al.: Where should hydrol­ogy go? An early-career perspec­tive on the next IAHS Scien­tific Decade: 2023–2032, Hydro­log­i­cal Sciences Journal, Vol. 68, (2023)
  • R. Pant, J. Ossandón, L. Stange, I. Shareef, R. Kekun­naya, B. Röder: Stimu­lus-evoked and resting-state alpha oscil­la­tions show a linked depen­dence on patterned visual experi­ence for devel­op­ment, Neuroim­age Clin.; 38:103375, (2023)
  • V. Prasad, B. Cerikan, Y. Stahl, Y. Yamauchi, A. Ruggieri, R. Barten­schlager et al.: Enhanced SARS-CoV‑2 entry via UPR-depen­dent AMPK-related kinase NUAK2, Molec­u­lar Cell, Volume 83, Issue 14, (2023)


  • O. Baidukova, J. Opper­mann, S. Kelter­born, et al.: Gating and ion selec­tiv­ity of Channel­rhodopsins are criti­cal for photo-activated orien­ta­tion of Chlamy­domonas as shown by in vivo point mutation. Nat Commun 13, 7253,–35018‑6 (2022)
  • M. Dax, B. Schölkopf et al.: Group Equivari­ant Neural Poste­rior Estima­tion, 10th Inter­na­tional Confer­ence on Learn­ing Repre­sen­ta­tions (ICLR), (2022)
  • R.G. Fernan­dez Lahore, N.P. Pampaloni, E. Peter, et al.: Calcium-perme­able channel­rhodopsins for the photo­con­trol of calcium signalling. Nat Commun 13, 7844,–35373‑4 (2022)
  • J. Gerwin, C. Kratochwil, Y. Liang, P. Franchini, A. Meyer: Compar­a­tive ontoge­netic and transcrip­tomic analy­ses shed light on color pattern diver­gence in cichlid fishes, Evolu­tion & Devel­op­ment, 24(5), (2022)
  • G. E. Medina, C. J. Hansen, Ricardo R. Munoz, Eva K. Grebel, A. K. Vivas, J. L. Carlin, C. E. Martinez-Wasuez: RR Lyrae stars as probes of the outer Galac­tic halo: Chemi­cal and kinematic analy­sis of a pilot sample, 519(4), (2022)
  • G. E. Medina, W. Crny, C. E. Martinez-Vazquez, A. B. Pace, et al.: Six More Ultra-Faint Milky Way Compan­ions Discov­ered in the DECam Local Volume Explo­ration Survey, TBD, (2022)
  • A. Müller, C. Kannen, F. Seidel, M. J. Franca: Use of nature-based solutions for the enhance­ment of river habitats ‑trans­fer of practi­cal experi­ence to scien­tif­i­cally optimized solutions, EGU General Assem­bly 2022–4742, (2022)
  • K. Robjant, S. Schmitt, S. Carleial, A. Koebach et al.: NETfacts: An integrated inter­ven­tion at the individ­ual and collec­tive level to treat commu­ni­ties affected by organized violence, Proceed­ings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS); 119, 44. — e2204698119, doi/10.1073/pnas.2204698119 (2022)
  • S. J. Rometsch, J. Torres-Dowdall, J. R. Velasco, G. Aguil­era, A. F. Kautt, G. Goyenola, A.C. Petry, G. C. Depra, W. J. da Graca, A. Meyer: Genetic assim­i­la­tion and the evolu­tion of direc­tion of genital asymme­try in anablepid fishes, Proceed­ings of the Royal Society, Vol. 289, Issue 1974, (2022)
  • S. J. Rometsch, C. Kratochwil, A. F. Kautt, A. Meyer: Benefits and limita­tions of a new genome-based PCR-RFLP genotyp­ing assay (GB-RFLP): A SNP-based detec­tion method for identi­fi­ca­tion of species in extremely young adaptive radia­tions, Ecol. Evol.;12(3),, (2022)
  • A. C. Rukundo-Zeller, M. Bambonye, H. Mugisha, J.-A. Muhoza, T. Ndayiken­gu­rukiye, L. Nitanga, A. A. Rushoza, A. Combach: Is shame the missing link between traumatic experi­ences and posttrau­matic stress disor­der in Burun­dian children living on the streets?, Clinic Psych & Psychoth, 29(1), (2022)
  • A. C. Rukundo-Zeller, K. Robjant, S. Schmitt, S. Carleial, T. Elbert, L. Abreu, A. Chibashimba, H. Hinkel, A. Hoeffler, B. Rockstroh, A. Köbach: NETfacts: An integrated inter­ven­tion at the individ­ual and collec­tive level to treat commu­ni­ties affected by organized violence, Proceed­ings of the National Academy of Sciences, (2022)
  • A. Silapetere, S. Hwang, Y. Hontani, et al.: QuasAr Odyssey: the origin of fluores­cence and its voltage sensi­tiv­ity in micro­bial rhodopsins. Nat Commun 13, 5501 (2022).–33084‑4 (2022)
  • P. M. Stein, A. S. K. Hashmi, H. Shi, M, C. Dietl et al.: Ligand-Assisted Gold-Catalyzed Efficient Alkynyla­tive Cycliza­tion with Termi­nal Alkynes Using H2O2 as Oxidant, ChemRxiv,–4vj37 (2022)
  • P. M. Stein, J. Pascher, J. Stracke, V. S. Levacher et al.: Gold Catal­y­sis: 2,3- or 1,4-Addition to Butadiynes, Advanced Synthe­sis & Catal­y­sis, 364(22), (2022)
  • P. Sompet, S. Hirthe, D. Bourgund, J. Koepsell, I. Bloch et al.: Realiz­ing the symme­try-protected Haldane phase in Fermi–Hubbard ladders. Nature 606, 484–488,–04688‑z (2022)
  • Z. A. Sourrouille, S. Schwarzer, S. Lequime,H. M. Oksanen and T. E. F. Quax: The Viral Suscep­ti­bil­ity of the Haloferax Species, Viruses; 14(6):1344, (2022)
  • S. Urban, J. Gerwin, C. D. Hulsey, A. Meyer, C. F. Kratochwil: The repeated evolu­tion of stripe patterns is corre­lated with body morphol­ogy in the adaptive radia­tions of East African cichlid fishes, Ecol. Evol., 12(2), (2022)
  • S.-J. Wang, M. Sawatzki, G. Darbandy, et al.: Organic bipolar transis­tors. Nature 606, 700–705,–04837‑4 (2022)
  • S.-J. Wang, M. Panhans, K. Leo et al.: Highly efficient modula­tion doping: A path towards superior organic thermo­elec­tric devices, Science Advances, (2022)
  • J. F. Wunsch, L. Eberle, J. P. Mullen, F. Rominger, M. Rudolph, A. S. K. Hashmi: Gem-Diaurated Gold(III) Complexes: Synthe­sis, Struc­ture, Aurophilic Inter­ac­tion, and Catalytic Activ­ity, Inorganic Chem, 61(8), (2022)


  • K. Tabata, V. Prasad, Y. Stahl, R. Barten­schlager: Conver­gent use of phospha­tidic acid for hepati­tis C virus and SARS-CoV‑2 repli­ca­tion organelle forma­tion, Nature Comm, 12(1),–27511‑1
  • J. Köpfler, T. Frenzel, J. Schmalian, M. Wegener: Fused-Silica 3D Chiral Metama­te­ri­als via Helium-Assisted Micro­cast­ing Support­ing Topolog­i­cally Protected Twist Edge Resonances with High Mechan­i­cal Quality Factors, Adv Mat, 33(40),
  • M. Dax, S. R Green, J. Gair, J. H Macke, A. Buonanno, B. Schölkopf: Real-Time Gravi­ta­tional Wave Science with Neural Poste­rior Estima­tion, Phys Rev Let, 127(24),
  • J. Koepsell, I. Bloch et al.: Micro­scopic evolu­tion of doped Mott insula­tors from polaronic metal to Fermi liquid, Science 374(6563), 82–86,
  • T. Wang, P. M. Stein, H. Shi, C. Hu, M. Rudolph, A. S. K. Hashmi: Hydrox­y­lamine-mediated C–C amina­tion via an aza-hock rearrange­ment, Nature, 12(1),–27271‑y
  • S. J. Rometsch, J. Torres-Dowdall, G. Machado-Schiaffino, N. Karagic, A. Meyer: Dual function and associ­ated costs of a highly exagger­ated trait in a cichlid fish, Eco and Evo, 11(23),
  • J. Gerwin, S. Urban, A. Meyer, C. F. Kratochwil: Of bars and stripes: A Malawi cichlid hybrid cross provides insights into genetic modular­ity and evolu­tion of modifier loci under­ly­ing colour pattern diver­si­fi­ca­tion, Mol Ecol, 30(19),
  • A. Müller, F. Seidel, F. Nestmann: Vergle­ich verschiedener Monitor­ing­meth­o­den von Gewässer­struk­turen im Umfeld von Lenkbuh­nen, Dresd­ner wasser­baul Mitteilun­gen,
  • Carleial, S. Nätt, E. Unternährer, T. Elbert, K. Robjant, S. Wilker, V. Vukoje­vic, I. T. Kolassa, A. C. Zeller, A. Koebach: DNA methy­la­tion changes follow­ing narra­tive exposure therapy in a random­ized controlled trial with female former child soldiers, Scien­tific Reports, 11(1),–98067‑9
  • S. Tahir, J. F. Wunsch, M. Rudolph, F. Rominger, A. S. K. Hashmi: Gold-catal­ysed synthe­sis of phospho­nate-substi­tuted oxetan-3-ones – an easy access to highly strained HWE reagents, Org Chem Front, 9(1), 
  • D. Eppel, A. S. K. Hashmi et al.: Gold(III) Meets Azulene: A Class of [( tBuC^N^C)AuIII(azulenyl)] Pincer Complexes, Organometallics, 40(23), 3865–3870,
  • P. M. Stein, M. Rudolph, A. S. K. Hashmi: Water Can Accel­er­ate Homoge­neous Gold Catal­y­sis, Adv Synthe­sis & Catal­y­sis, 363(17), 4264–4271,
  • H. Tseng, M. Cucchi, A. Weiss­bach, K. Leo, H. Kleemann: Membrane-Free, Selec­tive Ion Sensing by Combin­ing Organic Electro­chem­i­cal Transis­tors and Imped­ance Analy­sis of Ionic Diffu­sion, ACS Appl Elec Mat, 3(9), 3898–3903,
  • D. Beutel, P. Scott, M. Wegener, C. Rockstuhl, I. Fernan­dez-Corba­ton: Enhanc­ing the optical rotation of chiral molecules using helic­ity preserv­ing all-dielec­tric metasur­faces, Appl Phys Let, 118(22),
  • G. Ciccone, R. G. F. Lahore, P. Hegemann, K. Leo et al.: Tailor­ing Organic LEDs for Bidirec­tional Optoge­netic Control via Dual-Color Switch­ing, Adv Func Mat, 32(12),
  • T. Wang, P. M. Stein, A. S. K. Hashmi et. al.: A Metal-Free Direct Arene C−H Amina­tion, Adv Synthe­sis & Catal­y­sis, 363(11), 2783–2795,
  • V. Vethacke, V. Claus, M. Dietl, D. Ehjeij, A. S. K. Hashmi et. al.: Access to Unsym­met­ri­cally Substi­tuted Diaryl Gold N‑Acyclic Carbene (NAC) and N‑Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Complexes via the Isoni­trile Route, Adv Synthe­sis & Catal­y­sis, 364(3), 536–554, 
  • G. E. Medina, B. Lemasle, E. K. Grebel: A revis­ited study of Cepheids in open clusters in the Gaia era, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astro­nom­i­cal Society, 505(1),
  • Warnat-Herresthal, S., Schultze, H., Shastry, K.L., D. Peter­sheim  et al. Swarm Learn­ing for decen­tral­ized and confi­den­tial clini­cal machine learn­ing. Nature,–03583‑3
  • D. Eppel, P. Penert, J. Stemmer, C. Bauer, M. Rudolph, F. Rominger, A. S. K. Hashmi: An Environ­men­tally Friendly, Photo­chem­i­cal Access to [N^C^N]Au(III) Pincer Complexes by Oxida­tive Addition, Chem. Eur. J., 27(34), 8673–8677,
  • D. Eppel, M. Rudolph, F. Rominger, A. S. K. Hashmi: Mercury-Free Synthe­sis of Pincer [C^N^C]AuIII Complexes by an Oxida­tive Addition/CH Activa­tion Cascade. ChemSusChem, Volume 13, Issue 8, 1986–1990,
  • D. Eppel, A. Eryigit, M. Rudolph, M. Brück­ner, F. Rominger, A.M. Asiri, A.S.K. Hashmi: Mechanochem­i­cal Gold(III)-Carbon Bond Forma­tion. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 60(24), 13636–13640,
  • R. Pant, M. J. S. Guerreiro, P. Ley, D. Bottari, I. Shareef, R. Kekun­naya, B. Röder: The size-weight illusion is unimpaired in individ­u­als with a history of congen­i­tal visual depri­va­tion, Scien­tific Reports, Volume 11, Issue 6693,–86227‑w
  • P. Sompet, S. Hirthe, D. Bourgund, T. Chalopin, J. Bibo, J. Koepsell, P. Bojovic, R. Verre­sen, F. Pollmann, G. Salomon, C. Gross, T. A. Hilker, I. Bloch: Realis­ing the Symme­try-Protected Haldane Phase in Fermi-Hubbard Ladders, Preprint arXiv,–04688‑z
  • T. Frenzel, J. Köpfler, A. Naber, M. Wegener: Atomic scale displace­ments detected by optical image cross-corre­la­tion analy­sis and 3D printed marker arrays, Sci Rep, Volume 11, Issue 2304,–81712‑8
  • Y. Chen, M. Kadic, M. Wegener: Roton-like acousti­cal disper­sion relations in 3D metama­te­ri­als, Nat Commun, 12, 3278–23574‑2
  • V. Loconte, J.-H. Chen, M. Cortese, A. Ekman, M. A. Le Gros, C. Larabell, R. Barten­schlager, V. Weinhardt: Using soft X‑ray tomog­ra­phy for rapid whole-cell quanti­ta­tive imaging of SARS-CoV-2-infected cells, Cell Reports Methods, 1(7),
  • K. Tabata, Y. Stahl, R. Barten­schlager et al.: Conver­gent use of phospha­tidic acid for hepati­tis C virus and SARS-CoV‑2 repli­ca­tion organelle forma­tion, Nature Comm, 12,–27511‑1
  • A. Bohrdt, Y. Wang, J. Koepsell, M. Kánasz-Nagy, E. Demler, and F. Grusdt: Domi-nant Fifth-Order Corre­la­tions in Doped Quantum Antifer­ro­mag­nets, Phys Rev Lett, 126(2),
  • Y. Wang, A. Bohrdt, S. Ding, J. Koepsell, E. Demler, F. Grusdt: Higher-Order Spin-Hole Corre­la­tions around a Local­ized Charge Impurity, Phys Rev. Research, 3(3),
  • A. Meyer, S. Schliss­nig et al.: Giant lungfish genome eluci­dates the conquest of land by verte­brates, Nature, 590, 284–289,–03198‑8
  • M. G. Cardozo-Mino, E. Fadeev, V. Salman-Carvalho, A. Boetius: Spatial distri­b­u­tion of Arctic bacte­ri­o­plank­ton abundance is linked to distinct water masses and summer­time phyto-plank­ton bloom dynam­ics (Fram Strait, 79°N), Front in Microbi, 12,


  • P. Scott, X. Garcia-Santi­ago, D. Beutel, C. Rockstuhl, M. Wegener, I. Fernan­dez-Corba­ton: P. Scott, X. Garcia-Santi­ago, D. Beutel, C. Rockstuhl, M. Wegener, I. Fernan­dez-Corba­ton: On enhanced sensing of chiral molecules in optical cavities, Applied Physics Reviews 7, 041413,
  • G. E. Medina, R. R. Muñoz, J. L. Carlin, A. K. Vivas, C. J. Hansen, E. K. Grebel: A system­atic DECam search for RR Lyrae in the outer halo of the Milky Way, Preprint arXiv,
  • A. Härer, J. Torres-Dowdall, S. J. Rometsch, E. Yohannes, G. Machado-Schiaffino, A. Meyer: Paral­lel and non-paral­lel changes of the gut micro­biota during trophic diver­si­fi­ca­tion in repeated young adaptive radia­tions of sympatric cichlid fish, Micro­biome, Volume 8, Issue 149,–00897‑8
  • A. Schnei­der, A. Pfeif­fer, D. Conrad, T. Elbert, I.-T. Kolassa, S. Wilker: Does cumula­tive exposure to traumatic stres­sors predict treat­ment outcome of commu­nity-imple­mented exposure-based therapy for PTSD?, European Journal of Psychotrau­ma­tol­ogy, Volum 11, Issue 1,
  • J. Koepsell, D. Bourgund, P. Sompet, S. Hirthe, A. Bohrdt, Y. Wang, F. Grusdt, E. Demler, G. Salomon, C. Gross, I. Bloch: Micro­scopic evolu­tion of doped Mott insula­tors from polaronic metal to Fermi liquid, Preprint arXiv,
  • M. G. Cardozo Mino, E. Fadeev, V. Salman-Carvalho, A. Boetius: Spatial dynam­ics in Arctic bacte­ri­o­plank­ton commu­nity densi­ties are strongly linked to distinct physi­cal and biolog­i­cal processes (Fram Strait, 79°N), Preprint: bioRxiv,
  • J. Torres-Dowdall, S. J. Rometsch, A. F. Kautt, G. Aguil­era and A. Meyer: The direc­tion of genital asymme­try is expressed stochas­ti­cally in inter­nally fertil­iz­ing anablepid fishes, Proc. R. Soc. B., Volume 287, Issue 1930,
  • S. J. Rometsch, J. Torres-Dowdall, A. Meyer: Evolu­tion­ary dynam­ics of pre- and postzy­gotic repro­duc­tive isola­tion in cichlid fishes, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, Volume 375, Issue 1808,
  • A. C. Zeller, D. Conrad, A. Schnei­derm, A. Behnke, A. Pfeif­fer, G. F. Blum, S. Wilker, T. Elbert, I.-T. Kolassa: A combi­na­tion of combat experi­ence, early abduc­tion, and severe trauma­ti­za­tion fuels appet­i­tive aggres­sion and violence among abductees of rebel war in North­ern Uganda, Aggres­sive Behav­ior, Volume 46, Issue 6,
  • Straßer T, Wagner S, Zrenner E: Review of the appli­ca­tion of the open-source software CilOCT for semi-automatic segmen­ta­tion and analy­sis of the ciliary muscle in OCT images. PLoS ONE, Volume 15, Issue 6,
  • Schnei­der, R. F., Rometsch, S. J., Torres-Dowdall, J., Meyer, A: Habitat light sets the bound­aries for the rapid evolu­tion of cichlid fish vision, while sexual selec­tion can tune it within those limits. Molec­u­lar Ecology, Volume 29, Issue 8,
  • Wagner, S., Schaef­fel, F., Troilo, D.: Chang­ing accom­mo­da­tion behav­iour during multi­fo­cal soft contact lens wear using auditory biofeed­back train­ing, Scien­tific Reports, 10 (5018),–61904‑4
  • M. Skarka, Z. Prudil, J. Jurcsik: Blazhko effect in the Galac­tic bulge funda­men­tal mode RR Lyrae stars – II. Modula­tion shapes, ampli­tudes, and periods, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astro­nom­i­cal Society, Volume 494, Issue 1,
  • Eppel, D., Rudolph, M., Rominger, F.: Mercury-Free Synthe­sis of Pincer [C^N^C]AuIII Complexes by an Oxida­tive Addition/CH Activa­tion Cascade. ChemSusChem, Volume 13, Issue 8,
  • Z. Prudil, I. Dékány, R. Smolec, M. Catelan, E. K. Grebel, A. Kunder: Humps and bumps: the effects of shocks on the optical light curves of funda­men­tal-mode RR Lyrae stars, A&A, Volume 635,–6361/201936704
  • A. Findeisen, S. Samuel Forest, J. Hohe, P. Gumbsch: Discrete and contin­uum model­ling of size effectsin archi­tec­tured unsta­ble metama­te­ri­als, Contin­uum Mech. Thermo­dyn., Volume 31, 1629–1645,–00870‑8
  • Koepsell, J., Hirthe, S., Bourgund, D., Sompet, P., Vijayan, J., Salomon, G., Gross, C., Bloch, I.: Robust Bilayer Charge-Pumping for Spin- and Density-Resolved Quantum Gas Microscopy. Preprint arXiv,
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