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Associ­ated Young Researchers

Associ­ated Young Researchers

Associ­ated Fellows receive mater­ial funding for their research projects. They are also allowed to partic­i­pate in selected events and the contin­u­ing educa­tion program.

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Chris Byrohl
Heidel­berg University
Circum­galac­tic Medium and the Cosmic Web
Felix Full
Univer­sität Würzburg
Chirale Organo­bor PAKs für Anwen­dun­gen in organ­is­cher Elektronik
Andrea Gonsek
Univer­sity of Konstanz
Dynamic Vision in Natural Low Light Environ­ments From Single Photons to Behaviour
Henrik Habeck
Heidel­berg University
Access to Pi-Enhanced Carbazoles and their Application
Marina Homs
ETH Zürich
RetinaSen­sor: Enhanced Vision Restora­tion in Blind People
Pauline Kautz
Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Moleku­lare Medizin
From mitochon­dr­ial genotypes to pheno­types with single-cell multi-omics
Lena Nitsch
Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Moleku­lare Medizin
Infer­ences of clonal dynam­ics in human hematopoiesis
Emine Rabia Sensevdi
Rijksuni­ver­siteit Groningen
Mecha­nisms of Super­in­fec­tion Exclu­sion in Archaea
Mai Tran
Max-Planck-Insti­tut für medizinis­che Forschung
DNA Origami for Synthetic Immunology