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Workshops / Conferences

To Promote Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary Exchange

The Hector Fellow Academy sponsors workshops and inter­na­tional confer­ences, which are organized by several Hector Fellows or Hector RCD Awardees. Thereby cooper­a­tion between Hector Fellows and Hector RCD Awardee and inter­dis­ci­pli­nary research is supported.


Future Workshops / Conferences

Currently, there are no workshops or confer­ences planned by members of the Hector Fellow Academy who receive funding from the Academy.


Past Workshops / Conferences

2023 — Innova­tions in Single Cell Omics

May 15 to 16, 2023 | Berlin, Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus

Scien­tific Symposium

The Innova­tions in Single Cell Omics (ISCO) sympo­sium was co-organized by Max Delbrück Center, Charité – Univer­sitätsmedi­zin Berlin, and Berlin Insti­tute of Health with the goal of bring­ing together young single-cell researchers from various disci­plines to promote scien­tific exchange and foster new inter­na­tional collab­o­ra­tions. Hector RCD Awardee Leif S. Ludwig was one of the organiz­ers of the symposium.

The field of single-cell genomics has rapidly expanded in recent years, allow­ing paradigm shifts in many fields of biolog­i­cal sciences ranging from evolu­tion­ary biology to stem cell biology to cancer research. From innova­tions in single-cell and spatially-resolved technolo­gies to new compu­ta­tional approaches and appli­ca­tions in the medical arena, the confer­ence will cover a broad range of subjects at the forefront of single cell research. The sympo­siums gives the oppor­tu­nity to learn from experts, share current research work, and build new connec­tions in the field.

Innovation in Single Cell

2021 — Re-imagin­ing the futures of 3D print­ing in society

March 23 to 24, 2021 | Virtual event

Scien­tific sympo­sium and expert scenario workshop

This scien­tific sympo­sium offered the oppor­tu­nity to discuss the challenges and social trends of 3D print­ing with leading inter­na­tional experts from the human­i­ties and social sciences. It was organized by the Hector Fellows Peter Gumbsch, A. Stephen K. Hashmi and Martin Wegener in the context of the Cluster of Excel­lence 3D Matter Made to Order (3DMM2O) together with the Insti­tute for Technol­ogy Assess­ment and Systems Analy­sis (ITAS) at the Karlsruhe Insti­tute of Technol­ogy (KIT).

3D print­ing changed imagin­ing future produc­tion and consump­tion, techno­log­i­cal capabil­i­ties and use-cases advance, mature, and diver­sify. However, these advances mean that the social imagi­na­tion of 3D print­ing in society needs to diver­sify as well. The sympo­sium focused on debates about the social shaping, polit­i­cal gover­nance and ethics of 3D printing.

In addition to the scien­tific sympo­sium (March 23 to March 24), which addresses scien­tists in the field, a public virtual evening event took place on March 23, 2021. All inter­ested citizens were most welcome to attend this event.

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Zukünfte des 3D-Drucks in der Gesellschaft neu denken

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2018 — New Horizons in Vision and Hearing Research

March 5th — 7th, 2018 | Univer­sity Hospi­tal Tübingen

What are the causes for the loss of sight and hearing? Are they genetic causes or environ­men­tal factors? Are stress, constant acces­si­bil­ity and exces­sive media use reasons for the increase in sensory disor­ders in old age? Do hearing disor­ders increase the risk of devel­op­ing Alzheimer's? Or does wearing glasses with age-related low vision reduce the risk of demen­tia? Is it possi­ble to develop new ways of treat­ing neurosen­sory disor­ders with gene therapy, stem cells or electronic implants?

More than 200 top inter­na­tional and national researchers explored these questions at the sympo­sium "New Horizons in Vision and Hearing Research" from March 5th — 7th, 2018 at the Univer­sity Hospi­tal Tübingen.

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New Horizons

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2017 — Adaptive Epige­nomics: Build­ing a Bridge Between Animal and Human Research

24th and 25th of July 2017 | Monastery Hegne near Constance

The inter­dis­ci­pli­nary workshop "Adaptive Epige­nomics" took place on the 24th and 25th of July 2017 in the monastery Hegne near Constance. The event was organized by the Hector Fellows Thomas Elbert and Axel Meyer, as well as by the young scien­tists Dr. Amber Makow­icz, Daniela Conrad and Maggie Sefton, who are promoted by the Hector Fellow Academy. The workshop combined the two research fields of the organiz­ers: Clini­cal Psychol­ogy and Evolu­tion­ary Biology. In addition to lectures by inter­na­tional scien­tists on the latest research in the field of "Epige­nomics," the partic­i­pants were also offered hands-on exercises for the analy­sis of epige­netic data. The aim of the workshop was to build a bridge between human and animal research. Continue to the talks.

Continue to the talks.

2016 — Colour in Mind — From Percep­tion to Art

21st to 23th Septem­ber 2016 | Eberhard-Karls-Univer­sität Tübingen

The confer­ence "Colour in Mind — From Percep­tion to Art" organized by the Hector Fellows Peter Hegemann and Eberhart Zrenner took place from 21st Septem­ber to 23th Septem­ber 2016 at the Eberhard-Karls-Univer­sität Tübin­gen. Leading color experts and young scien­tists from the fields of natural sciences, engineer­ing sciences and the human­i­ties came together to discuss the aspects of color research and to share inter­dis­ci­pli­nary infor­ma­tion. The focus of the confer­ence was on the neuro­sci­en­tific aspects of color vision, color in nature & human life, color in art and culture, and the appli­ca­tion and impor­tance of color in technol­ogy and media. Over 350 partic­i­pants from 12 countries took part in the 25 short talks, 16 workshops, 10 poster presen­ta­tions and an accom­pa­ny­ing film demon­stra­tion with a workshop discus­sion. During the event a Hector Fellow Academy Speak­ers Award was granted.

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2015 — 2nd Inter­na­tional Klaus Betke Symposium

March 06th/07th, 2015 |  Dr. von Hauner Childrens’ Hospi­tal in Munich

On March 06th/07th, 2015 the 2nd Inter­na­tional Klaus Betke Sympo­sium took place at the Dr. von Hauner Childrens’ Hospi­tal in Munich. The topic was rare diseases of the human immune system with a focus on neutrophil granu­lo­cytes and the biology of mitochon­dria. More than 150 doctors and scien­tists from pediatrics and molec­u­lar biology partic­i­pated in the confer­ence which was organized by the Hector Fellows Christoph Klein and Nikolaus Pfanner.