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DNA origami for synthetic immunology

Mai Tran – Hector RCD Awardee Kerstin Göpfrich

Monomeric or parti­cle-based multi­meric subunit vaccines are widely used to induce humoral immune responses that protect from disease. However, how antigen valency and spacing affects B cell activa­tion and antibody produc­tion is not well under­stood. Using a malaria vaccine antigen as model, the project combines DNA-origami-based exper­i­men­tal work with mathe­mat­i­cal model­ing to define how the biophys­i­cal parame­ters of antigen presen­ta­tion and antibody affin­ity affect B cell activation.

The detailed project descrip­tion will be published here soon.

Mai Tran

Max Planck Insti­tute for Medical Research, Heidelberg

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Hector RCD Awardee Dr.

Kerstin Göpfrich

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineer­ing & Medicine

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