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5 questions for Hector Fellow Patrick Cramer

Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer receives Hector Science Award

Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer receives the Hector Science Prize 2020. The prize of the Hector Founda­tion has been awarded to outstand­ing profes­sors in research and teach­ing in Germany since 2008. The Hector Founda­tion honors Prof. Dr. Cramer's ground-break­ing contri­bu­tions in the field of molec­u­lar biology. His research aims, among other things, to under­stand the function of molec­u­lar switches in human cells, which are respon­si­ble for switch­ing genes on and off. Prof. Dr. Cramer has been direc­tor at the Max-Planck-Insti­tute for Biophys­i­cal Chemistry in Göttin­gen since 2014.

The discov­er­ies he has made are partly thanks to his fasci­na­tion with mecha­nisms that under­lie living things. Thereby, it is of vital impor­tance to combine differ­ent scien­tific disci­plines, such as struc­tural biology with functional genomics or bioinformatics.

We congrat­u­late Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer for receiv­ing the Hector Science Award and welcome him as a member in the Hector Fellow Academy.

Date 29.01.2021
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