26. January 2022
New Hector Fellow: Katrin Amunts
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Prof. Dr. med. Katrin Amunts receives this year's  Hector  Science  Award  2021

With this award, the Hector Founda­tion II honors Katrin Amunts' unprece­dented research on a world­wide unique frahling method of the human brain.

For this purpose, she and her team devel­oped the cytoar­chi­tec­tonic Julich Brain Atlas, which should lead to a better under­stand­ing of the organi­za­tional princi­ples of the human brain. This digital 3D atlas can be contin­u­ously supple­mented and is acces­si­ble to both scien­tists and the scien­tific public. It also serves as a refer­ence brain and basis for the integra­tion of brain data.

Katrin Amunts is profes­sor of brain research and direc­tor of the C. and O. Vogt Insti­tute at the Heinrich Heine Univer­sity in Düssel­dorf. She is also direc­tor of the Insti­tute of Neuro­science and Medicine at Forschungszen­trum Jülich, Germany, and has been scien­tific direc­tor of the Human Brain Project since 2016.