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Video portrait Hector Fellow Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Werns­dor­fer receives Hector Science Award

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Werns­dor­fer receives the Hector Science Prize 2019. The prize of the Hector Founda­tion has been awarded to outstand­ing profes­sors in research and teach­ing in Germany since 2008.

The Hector Founda­tion II honors Prof. Dr. Wernsdorfer's ground­break­ing contri­bu­tions in the field of quantum materi­als and technol­ogy. His research aims, among other things, to realize an opera­tional quantum computer. Prof. Dr. Werns­dorf has been Humboldt Profes­sor at the Karlsruhe Insti­tute of Technol­ogy (KIT) since 2016.

The discov­er­ies he has made are partly thanks to his appren­tice­ship as an electri­cian. As he says himself, he approaches matters in a completely differ­ent way than many of his colleagues.

We congrat­u­late Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Werns­dor­fer for receiv­ing the Hector Science Award and welcome him as a part of the Hector Fellow Academy.

Date 04.02.2020
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