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26. April 2021
Karl Leo receives Jan Rajch­mann Award

Karl Leo is awarded with the Jan Rajch­mann Prize by the Society for Infor­ma­tion Display (SID)

Hector Fellow Prof. Dr. Karl Leo (Techni­cal Univer­sity of Dresden) is the first German scien­tist to receive the award, which is endowed with 2,000 US dollars. With the award, the U.S.-based scien­tific society recog­nizes Leo's "pioneer­ing work on OLED displays, in partic­u­lar the intro­duc­tion of stable and controlled doping of organic semicon­duc­tors for highly efficient OLED displays."

In 2001, Leo founded Novaled with his doctoral students Martin Pfeif­fer and Jan Blochwitz, which was later acquired by Samsung and is consid­ered one of the most success­ful German start-ups. By now, OLED displays can be found in almost every cell phone and will soon be found in every televi­sion screen around the world.

With the Jan Rajch­mann Prize, his work now also receives inter­na­tional acknowledgement.

Congrat­u­la­tions to Karl Leo!