Hector RCD Awardee since 2023
Dr. Jingyuan Xu

Dr. Jingyuan Xu

CZS Nexus group leader at the Insti­tute of Microstruc­ture at the Karlsruhe Insti­tute of Technology

Jingyuan Xu is the head of CZS Nexus research group on “zero-emission and eco-friendly heating and cooling technolo­gies (ZEco Thermal Lab)” at the Karlsruhe Insti­tute of Technology.

Her research focuses on advanc­ing zero-emission and eco-friendly heating and cooling technolo­gies for energy transi­tion. She and her research group focus on the emerg­ing field of elastocaloric cooling, which exploits stress-induced thermal changes in shape memory alloy films to offer environ­men­tally friendly cooling solutions with high efficiency. Currently, her team is dedicated to devel­op­ing CO₂-neutral elastocaloric cooling devices, offer­ing an alter­na­tive that operates without reliance on electricity.

For her research, she has received Leopold­ina Prize for Young Scien­tists from German National Academy of Sciences, Sadi Carnot Young Researcher Award from Inter­na­tional Insti­tute of Refrig­er­a­tion, and George T. Mulhol­land Memor­ial Award. She is a member of the Global Young Academy.

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Doctor­ate Vacant from 2024

Dr. Jingyuan Xu will be avail­able to super­vise doctoral projects start­ing in 2024.

Project Descrip­tion

Forschungsfeld Ingenieurwesen

— Engineer­ing

Engineer­ing, Energy & Mater­ial Engineering

Research Fields

Elastocaloric cooling
Shape memory alloys
Cooling and heating
Energy technol­ogy