12. April 2021
Joannis Koepsell finished his doctorate
© Mina De La O - Getty Images

Congrat­u­la­tions to our alumnus Joannis Koepsell on his success­ful doctoral thesis defense!

The micro­scopic descrip­tion of a multi­tude of exotic phenom­ena such as magnet­ism or high-temper­a­ture super­con­duc­tiv­ity still raises questions. Joannis Koepsell’s project dealt with the simula­tion of these phenom­ena using a quantum gas micro­scope. In this project, ultra­cold fermi­onic lithium atoms were made to behave identi­cally to electrons in a solid state by controlled optical light fields. By using a high-resolu­tion fluores­cence image, the behav­iour of each individ­ual atom could be observed. As a result of the research project, the gener­a­tion of one of the first single site resolved images of fermi­onic atoms in optical lattices was achieved.

We wish Joannis Koepsell great success on his profes­sional and personal career development!