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30. March 2020
Paper by Daniel Eppel published

A paper by Daniel Eppel was published in peer-reviewed journal

The article "Mercury-Free Synthe­sis of Pincer [C^N^C]Au III Complexes by an Oxida­tive Addition/CH Activa­tion Cascade" by HFA PhD student Daniel Eppel will be published in an upcom­ing issue of ChemSusChem, a journal publish­ing research at the inter­face of chemistry and sustain­abil­ity. The preprint is already avail­able online.

Eppel's paper describes the devel­op­ment of a “first mercury-free synthe­sis of well-defined gold complexes”, which could offer new possi­bil­i­ties especially for medical use, e.g. as a poten­tial “useful synthetic tool for the produc­tion of gold(III) anticancer drugs and gold(III)-based photo emitters without the gener­a­tion of toxic mercury wastes.”

The Open Access paper was written in collab­o­ra­tion with Hector Fellow and PhD super­vi­sor A. Stephen K. Hashmi, and Matthias Rudolph and Frank Rominger of the Organic Chemistry Insti­tute at the Univer­sity of Heidelberg.