31. May 2021
Paper by Magda Cardazo-Mino published
© Hector Fellow Academy

A paper by Magda Cardazo-Mino was published as a preprint on bioRxiv

The Arctic is impacted by climate warming more than any other oceanic region on Earth. Assess­ing the baseline of micro­bial commu­ni­ties in this rapidly chang­ing ecosys­tem is vital for under­stand­ing the impli­ca­tions of ocean warming and sea ice retreat on ecosys­tem function­ing. The main inflow of Atlantic water into the Arctic Ocean occurs through the Fram Strait making it a sentinel region for observ­ing the ongoing changes in the Arctic marine ecosystem.

The main objec­tive of this study was to assess the stand­ing stocks of key taxonomic groups in summerly Arctic bacte­ri­o­plank­ton across the Strait.

The study provides quanti­ta­tive data on cell abundances of ecolog­i­cally relevant taxonomic bacte­ri­o­plank­ton groups and gives insights into factors struc­tur­ing pelagic bacte­ri­o­plank­ton commu­ni­ties from surface to the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean. The results there­fore provide a baseline to better assess future changes in a rapidly warming region.

Congrat­u­la­tions to Magda Cardazo-Mino!