© Nitsch, Kraus, Tran, Byrohl, Tian, Lehle, Chervonny
22. November 2022

Admis­sion of new young scien­tists to the Hector Fellow Academy

Nine young scien­tists have been accepted into the Academy for the next three years and are finan­cially supported since fall 2022.

The topics of the doctoral projects are wide-ranging. For example, Xiaomeng Tian in the team of Hector Fellow Axel Meyer is inves­ti­gat­ing the question of how asymmet­ric traits develop in fish. Alexey Chervon­nyy is mapping the human hypothal­a­mus with Hector Fellow Katrin Amunts. Tobias Kraus is pursu­ing a PhD with Hector RCD Awardee Monika Schönauer. He is inter­ested in how good and bad experi­ences are stored in memory. Katrin Lehle is creat­ing simula­tions of galac­tic weather at Hector RCD Awardee Dylan Nelson. Finally, Maja Illig is pursu­ing a PhD in biophysics with Hector RCD Awardee Kerstin Göpfrich and will start her project in 2023.

For the young scien­tists, the funding from the HFA does not only mean a position as a research assis­tant includ­ing additional research funds. The young researchers benefit from an individ­ual train­ing program and become part of the network of top scien­tists of the Hector Fellow Academy.

Further­more, Chris Byrohl, Lena Nitsch, Emine Rabia Sensevdi und Mai Tran were accepted as Associ­ated Young Researchers.

Welcome to the Hector Fellow Academy and good luck with your PhD project!