HFA-Symposia 2024
Visitor infor­ma­tion

Dear HFA members,

Thank you for regis­ter­ing for the HFA Sympo­sium 2024 in Hamburg. We are looking forward to spend­ing two excit­ing days together. On this website you can find some final infor­ma­tion to read before the sympo­sium as well as the program and agenda to have the times and locations on hand during the stay. 

After the sympo­sium you can also find the pictures here.

We wish you a good journey to Hamburg and are excited to see you soon.

Your HFA Office Team



  • On Wednes­day, July 10, the 10th Anniver­sary Celebra­tion of the Hector Fellow Academy will take place on the boat MS Princess, depart­ing from the Landungs­brücken at 6:10 pm. Please make sure to be at the meeting point at 5:30 pm for our walk to the boat (Hotel Empire River­side, Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 97, 20359 Hamburg).
  • On Thurs­day, July 11, we start from 9:00 am with the lab tours (Univer­sität Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 11, 20146 Hamburg), a trans­fer will be organized. The lab tours will be followed by the members‘ meeting and by insights into the work of the young researchers (Hotel Empire River­side, Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 97, 20359 Hamburg).
  • Start­ing at 6:00 pm, the public evening event "Why do children and adults learn differ­ently?" (Univer­sität Hamburg, Haupt­ge­bäude (ESA 1), Hörsaal A, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, 20146 Hamburg) will take place, followed by a dinner for all members after­wards at the restau­rant Am Kai (Große Elbstr. 145c, 22767 Hamburg). There will be a trans­fer to the restaurant.
  • On Friday, July 12, you can have individ­ual break­fast at the hotel. The newly accepted members will have the oppor­tu­nity to get profes­sional photos for our website and personal use. After­wards, there will be an optional guided walking tour through Hamburg city. At 11:30 am the tour ends at Am Baumwall (20459 Hamburg). This will be the end of the program.


We have reserved rooms at the Hotel Empire River­side (Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 97, 20359 Hamburg) for all members. Please be sure to indicate at check-in that you are a guest of the Hector Fellow Academy. The costs for accom­mo­da­tion and break­fast are covered.The hotel guaran­tees Check-In from 3:00 pm and asks to check out by 11:00 am.


From Central station Hamburg: Either take the train “S1” in direc­tion Wedel or the train “S3” in direc­tion Pinneberg and get off at station Landungs­brücken. To get to the hotel, a 10 minutes slightly uphill footpath is neces­sary. We recom­mend taking a taxi for those who don't feel fit enough for this.


If you are arriv­ing by train, please book flexi­ble tickets. Please also remem­ber to hand in a “Dienstreiseantrag” at the insti­tute (if you have not done so). Here you can find the form for reimburse­ment of your travel expenses.


Some of you may be wonder­ing what to wear during the event. We recom­mend wearing Business Casual during inter­nal meetings. On the first evening, there will be the 10th Anniver­sary Celebra­tion of the Hector Fellow Academy which is the most formal part of the sympo­sium. Also, for the second evening, we recom­mend more formal clothing.


The 10th Anniver­sary Celebra­tion will take place on the boat MS Princess. Please be there on time – arrivals after 6:00 pm are not possi­ble as the boat departs at 6:10 pm.


On Friday, a photog­ra­pher will take individ­ual photos of young researchers or Hector RCD Awardees. Prior­ity will be given to the newly accepted members of the HFA. If you have any questions, please contact Daniela Maier.


If at any time during the sympo­sium you have an organi­za­tional concern or need assis­tance, you can reach:

Nina Becker (+49 160 1586329) or

Thorana Grether (+49 1765 1221713).


If you want to know more about the local research of Hector Fellow Brigitte Röder in advance, please have a look at her video portrait.

You will find photos of the event the week after the HFA symposium.



If at any time during the sympo­sium you have an organi­za­tional concern or need assis­tance, you can reach Nina Becker or Thorana Grether.

Nina Becker

Back Office

Thorana Grether

Team Leader HFA Office