Hector Fellow since 2019
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

Insti­tute of Physics and Insti­tute of Quantum Materi­als and Technolo­gies, Karlsruhe Insti­tute of Technology

Wolfgang Werns­dor­fer is Humboldt Profes­sor at the Insti­tute of Physics and Insti­tute of Quantum Materi­als and Technolo­gies at the Karlsruhe Insti­tute of Technology.

He special­izes in exper­i­men­tal solid state physics at the inter­face to chemistry and materi­als science. He is one of the world's leading experts on nanomag­nets and their use in molec­u­lar quantum spintron­ics. He found out what role quantum laws played for molec­u­lar magnets and was thus able to build electronic circuits where the magne­ti­za­tion of the molecule controls the electric current. Now he is working on quantum circuits that could be used for quantum computers.

Wolfgang Werns­dor­fer has been awarded, inter alia, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize of the DFG, the Silver Medal of the CNRS, the Prix Special of the SFP, the Olivier Kahn Award Inter­na­tional and the Europhysics Prize.

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Doctor­ate Currently not vacant

Wolfgang Werns­dor­fer is currently unavail­able to super­vise doctoral projects.


Science award winner 2019

Hector Science Award goes to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

The discov­er­ies he has made are partly thanks to his appren­tice­ship as an electri­cian. As he says himself, he approaches matters in a completely differ­ent way than many of his colleagues.

Forschungsfeld Physik

— Physics

Forschungsfeld Chemie

— Chemistry

Exper­i­men­tal solid state physics

Research fields

Quantum computer
Quantum circuits